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Just Finished, Now Reading

May 19, 2009 By: Phred Category: Uncategorized

I have finished reading Ludwig von Mises’ Liberalism. This book was a great book about the importance and significance of the free market and free market (or liberal) values. While reading this book, it is so easy to forget that this book wasnt written last year, but was written in 1927. His writings in this book were prophetic–at one point, he condemns Adolf Hitler. He writes in a very detailed and intellectual way which can be somewhat difficult to read, but if you can handle that, I highly recommend this book.

I have also finished reading Karl Marx’s Wage Labour and Capital. This book was awful. Im not just saying this because I dont agree with Karl Marx’s economic statements. This book was poorly written and contained nothing but assertions with no justifications or proofs. Karl Marx even admits that capitalism leads to an increase in the standard of living of the workers, as well as that of the capitalists. His complaint is that even if the worker is able to buy a large house, the capitalist is buying a larger house–a childish complaint. His notions of where wages come from are so wrong that anyone with a high school diploma would likely immediately see the failed logic in his statements. He sets up an equation involving the workers and the capitalists, but almost completely ignores one half of his equation. This book is complete and utter garbage.

His arguments are so bad that they arent worth refuting, nor is this book worth reading.

I have started re-reading Aristotle’s Politics. This book is a great window into the mind of an ancient philosopher’s views on politics and political systems. He has some great information about the different types of systems of government and their shortfallings.

I have also started reading Gibbon’s the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Classic history of the great empire. Enough said.

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  1. Just started Liberalism myself. I’ve read the intro and am in the first chapter, but exams take priority at the moment. Mises is like an orgasm for my eyes and brains at times.

    Love the blog redesign, btw.


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