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Dont Forget To Buy Beer Tonight

January 31, 2009 By: Phred Category: Uncategorized

If you live in Georgia like I do, dont forget to stock up on beer.  Our government says that we cant buy alcohol of any sort, including beer on Sundays at stores and then take the drinks home to consume them.  Of course, we are allowed to pay several times more and purchase our drinks at a restaurant or bar, allowing for a situation where someone could get behind the wheel of  their car and hurt someone.

I dont understand why the government will not allow people to purchase a product that is legal on select days of the week.  It makes no sense.  A great man once told me that “any business outta be able to sell any product that is legal to anyone of legal age at any time that they want.”

Our governor says that Georgians should “plan ahead” and buy beer on Saturdays.  This is absurd.  If we followed his logic, then someone could argue that alcohol should only be sold one day of the week (or even one day of the year). I do not understand why the government still has the blue laws on the books. Apparently Georgia’s state legislature is about to vote on a measure that would allow voters in individual counties to decide whether or not it should be legal to sell alcohol on Sundays.  Lets hope they give** us the freedom to purchase legal products any day that we choose.

**Governments do not “give” freedoms.  They can only take away freedoms.  They do this often in the name of the “public good” or in the name of “protecting the citizens.”

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